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Name:Merry Togekissmas~!
Location:White Forest
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Community description:A muse and headspace journal for Shamanic Shaymin.
It's those dreaded journals nobody likes where I keep a headspace for my muses and RP journals. :P Private one-on-one RP sessions will be held here, and games and memes will probably be posted as well. Possibly even a kink meme or two. Mwoiiiiiiiiiiing~!

Owner: [personal profile] shamanicshaymin/[personal profile] grapegarden

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blastoise, blastoise is sexy, characters nobody cares about, crack, cupcakes, cutter rotom chasing shaymin, dave strider is cool, earthbound, eusine, eversion, fluttershy, homestuck, hoshi no kirby, i warned you about stairs bro, iwbtg, jackie is sexy, jeff andonuts is hot, jigglypuff, kyubey, lawnmowers, loid is cute, lost silver, max tomatoes, mewtwo strikes back!, mocking captain n, mocking twilight, mother, my little pony: friendship is magic, nine inch nails, not lawnmowers, not suicune, npcs, obscure characters, obscure pairings, paper mario, patrick wolf, pedofloon, pink floyd, pinkamena, pinkamena diane pie, pinkie pie, pokemon, pokemon movies, pokemon ranch, poo is serious business, princess nahema, raggedy andy is gay, raggedy ann & andy, satam, scary cute things, scrounder, segasonic, shipping, sir aaron, smut, sonadow, sonic adventure 2, sonic the hedgehog, stockings, suicune, super mario, super mario rpg, sweeney todd, sweet bro and hella jeff, tavros is uh... adorable, tavros nitram, the kid, togekiss, tori amos, wario ware, weegee, where making this hapen, wishes, yume nikki, zee-tee
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